Faculty Support

We encourage projects for collaboration with the CRS and our graduate research assistants can conduct activities such as researching and writing a literature review, data compilation and analysis, writing summaries, co-authoring scholarly work, and preparing teaching materials.  Faculty will be required to submit a Report of Work that will be included in the student’s Annual Review, demonstrating the scholarly learning of the assistant.  If you are interested in participating in enhancing the experiences of our graduate students and having assistance as you work on a project, please address the following questions and submit your request to co-directors, Dr. Derek Mueller (dmueller@vt.edu) and Dr. Kelly Pender (pender@vt.edu).

  1. What work do you plan during the semester and how could a PhD graduate research assistant help you?
  2. How will this work contribute to the research assistant’s development as a scholar?
  3. What is the planned final product or potential publication or other project collaboration? Will there be an opportunity for co-authorship?
  4. What specific research skills does the graduate student need to assist you and what specific skills will be developed?