CRS Team

Dr. Derek Mueller, Interim Director

Derek Mueller is a Professor of Rhetoric and Writing and Director of Composition at Virginia Tech. His research inquires into networked writing practices, research methods and methodologies, data visualization and imagetext rhetorics, theories and practices of composition, and accounts of disciplinary coalescence and maturation, particularly in the context of rhetoric and composition/writing studies. His current work sets out to chronicle a series of gones, or marked termini, thereby addressing the durability-impermanence paradox and its consequences for ever-dissipating disciplinary epistemologies. For more, visit

Past CRS Faculty Directors

Kelly Belanger, James Dubinsky, Kelly Pender, Katrina Powell

Past Faculty Research Associates

Carolyn Commer, Rebecca Hester, Marcia Davitt

Past Program Associates

Ren Harmon (VT Stories)

CRS Research Assistant Alumni

Tarryn Abrahams, Iris Farrou, Brian Gogan, Cassandra Hockman, Ke Hu, Heidi Lawrence, Laura Lane, Savannah Paige Murray, Megan O’Neill, Ashley Patriarca, Alexis Priestley, Katherine Randall, Jessie Rogers, Kelly Scarff, Tana Schiewer

Past Faculty Affiliates

Shannon Bell (Sociology), Katie Carmichael (Linguistics), Marc Edwards (Engineering), Rebecca Hester (STS), Steve Parks (UVA, Rhetoric and Writing), Georgeta Pourchot (Public and International Affairs), Samarth Swarup (UVA, Bioinformatics), Quinn Warnick (TLOS)